ALIVE - Weekends


We meet in the Fellowship Hall during all weekend services after the kids are dismissed from worship.

ABIDE - Wednesdays


Join us for an action-packed Jr. High youth group: ABIDE!

ABIDE will be a night of worship, Bible study and fun games, with the primary goal of learning to walk with Jesus by holding tight (abide) to Him.


We will be meeting at the Three Rivers Charter School on Wednesday Nights from 7pm-9pm. All kids must be dropped off and pick up from the school - there will be no street crossing.

2018_Basecamp Flier_Keynote copy.png

In an age of social networks and social media, our Jr. High students have become increasingly isolated. Isolation is a dangerous place for a Christian, especially one in Jr High. Basecamps are small groups strategically spread throughout the PDX Metro designed to give Jr High students a chance to connect with a Christian leader, fellowship with Christian kids from their area and grow in their walks with Jesus.

The goal with the Basecamps is to create smaller gatherings for Jr High students to grow in their walks with Jesus.