All gifts must be one of the following items:

  • $5 of candy or sugary goodness

  • An "As Seen on TV" item

  • Random/Silly item

Please do NOT bring gifts that are:

  • Crude

  • Sexual

  • Too random

  • Hurtful to others

All gifts must be fully wrapped


1. Each player brings one wrapped gift to contribute to a common pool

2. Players draw numbers from a hat to determine what order they will go in

3. Each gift  will be placed on a chair. The chairs will be numbered and set in a circle.  

4. Players will go to the chair with the number that matches their own and hold the unopened gift on their lap. 

5. Players will receive three cards:

  • KEEP

  • SWAP

6. The purple hippo will be brought out and passed around the circle while the festive Christmas music is playing. 

  • All gifts must remain on the lap of the player at all times. 

  • They may NOT be used or eaten until they are locked or the game has ended

7. When the music stops  the hippo must stop and the person who is left holding the purple hippo will hold up their sign to either KEEP or SWAP

  • If they hold up KEEP the gift is theirs and they put it under their chair and it is locked

  • If the hold up SWAP they can choose to exchange the gift with one other player (except gifts that have been locked)

  • Once the final gift is opened and the conductor of the game deems it the appropriate time, the game is over